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Our ECO-FRIENDLY CLEANER is a flexible all purpose cleaner that is non-toxic, drain-safe and family/pet friendly. Whether you're using our Degreaser Concentrate to clean your Kitchen, bathroom, toilet, floor, this multi purpose cleaner is a more eco-friendly choice. This concentrate solution, can be use as often as you’d like

SAFE & NON-TOXIC: Other brands of cleaners are often covered in warning of their irritating and even dangerous properties. Our are non-irritating to eyes and skin through extensive dermal and ocular irritation tests. We're proud that you can use this cleaner with the confidence that it's totally free from toxic compounds. In fact, you can be sure that this natural cleaner is safe to use anywhere in your home including kid’s rooms and pet areas.

Vilblooms all purpose cleaner is suitable for used on all types of floors including vinyl tile, concrete, slate, ceramic tile, grout, quarry tile, tables, desks & walls. This degreaser cleaner can be used with a sponge or a mop.

NO DYES : Along with being free from toxic chemicals and safe for the skin and eyes of people and pets, our natural all purpose cleaner contains no additives and is free from dye that can cause skin and respiratory irritations.

All Propose Cleaner

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